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Wild Things Grow Here is a creative outlet for my rather whimsical mind. Created in 2011, this blog features predominantly personal stories, poetry, travel adventures, book reviews, film rambles with a healthy mix of beauty, fashion and food. So, essentially, it covers all bases.

But, it is written in the first tense....I hear you wonder, who is 'I'? 

I am a twenty-one year old, farmers daughter from the countryside. A day dreamer with ginger hair and a spark for adventure deep within my olive coloured eyes (or shit-coloured as my friend once told me, but it didn't feel quite as poetic). I love books, I really really love books & words in general, they seem to sing to me in a melody that soothes my soul. Films and theatre capture my heart and I could talk about my favourite classics for days (find me on twitter and I can prove this). Music has the ability to make me smile, no matter how bleak it all seems and I often soundtrack my life and memories to a variety of genres. As with any girl, I seem to unwittingly collect large quantities of makeup and seem to have a deep rooted craving for food at every minute of every day.

It is hard to write an 'About' section and hope that those reading can really feel my voice, so if you really do want to hear my voice in a more literal sense, then head over to YouTube to hear me read some of my poetry & personal stories. 

Get out from your house, from your cave, from your car, from the place you feel safe, from the place that you are. Get out and go running, go funning, go wild, get out from your head and get growing, dear child - Anonymous




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