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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Valentines Day Wishlist

By some bizarre miracle, we have managed to survived one of the strangest January's in history. Which means that February is upon us (that's generally how the calendar works) and with February comes Valentines Day - the only day in the calendar year that could potentially make Donald Trump look quite inoffensive. 

To compensate for being single, I have lovingly compiled a collection of Valentines Day themed items which, no matter your relationship status, should brighten your day. Whether it be a boyfriend or a postman delivering you these gifts, one thing can be guaranteed: a smile on your face. 

So, have a happy Valentine's Day, because let's face it life is too short - quite literally with Putin's finger firmly over the nuclear bomb button!

(Ps. If you buy the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone mugs just for yourself, that it TOTALLY okay). 


  1. Those mugs are comical and I NEED them!!


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