Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Important Lessons La La Land Teaches Us...


Let's admit it: 2017 crept up on us and gave us the fright of our lives. The only way that we could handle it was to listen to the La La Land soundtrack repeatedly in between composing angry tweets, protesting and signing petitions. The captivating musical allowed us respite from our melancholy musings about the world and our place in it. Ryan Gosling swept in in his tailored suit, like you'd always imagined in your dreams and dazzled us beyond all comprehension and Emma Stone, as usual, made you seriously consider dying your hair ginger. In short, it helped us to focus on something else other than politics and which Kardashian has the biggest lips, arse and Instagram following.

However, your eagerness to succumb to the spectacle may have made you overlook key elements which teach us some very valuable lessons:

Chicks before dicks.
It appears that even in Hollywood the girls prioritize whirlwind romances over firm friendships. Except, they are sacrificing friends for Ryan Gosling rather than Ryan-from-the-club (aka. Ryan Go Sling). Chicks before dicks is a true epidemic, that La La Land romanticizes it by distracting you with starry skylines and a killer soundtrack.

There is a brief moment where you question whether you are actually watching a re-make of West Side Story as Maria Mia, flanked by female friends, sings and dances her way into your heart. However, those female friends are gone before they can even consider being nominated for a Best Supporting Actress gong at the Oscars. They are unceremoniously turfed out of the narrative when Mia moves in with Seb and pursues her "one woman show".

The result? Her friends are not present in the crowd to support Mia's one-woman play. They are also not there to provide a shoulder to cry on when Mia's relationship with Seb breaks down and instead she has to run back to her parents' house. So, remember chicks before dicks, next time you are sad and need a gal pal to eat Ben & Jerry's in bed with.

If you get knocked down, get back up again.
Mia is rejected tirelessly at auditions, in quite a brutal fashion. Seb loses his sacred jazz bar which has its whole essence torn apart when it is re-opened as a Samba & Tapas restaurant. Mia's one woman show is a flop. Their whirlwind romance shatters into pieces. Yet they never stop trying. Eventually, they both get exactly what they want, well, except for each other.

Stay true to you.
It's not always that easy to reject work simply because it doesn't fit with your creative views, especially when your rent is due and your stomach rumbling. Sometimes you have to take something a little less desirable in order to understand what it is you really want. For example, Seb whilst playing with the band claims to Mia that that is exactly what he wants to do, when deep down his soul is screaming for something else. Eventually, he realises the error of his ways and pursues his dream. Moral of the story: Know what it is that you want to achieve and stick to it throughout, even when you find yourself comfortable. Never settle.

John Legend is a GOD.
Okay, okay, you already knew that. If your heart is still weak from repeatedly playing All of Me, then you were probably not ready for his cameo in La La Land. I wasn't. It is at this point that I tell you that once you have finished listening to the La La Land playlist on Spotify, it automatically waltzes into John Legend's latest work - and people say magic doesn't exist?!

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