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5 Shows You NEED To Watch On Netflix

Christmas is over, even if we don't like to admit it and the New Year has rolled violently in (One word: Trump). Despite your better judgement, you will have compiled a New Years resolution list that explicitly declares: NO MORE NETFLIX. You will have made false promises to yourself in the first page of your journal, underlined three times in your best handwriting, such as: Be more productive. Eat more green food (ew). Don't get distracted - eyes on the prize! 

However, it is now the end of January and you have managed to abide by your own rules for approximately three months before realising that the Easter chocolate is on the store shelves already and eating clean is no fun. 

So, grab a bag of mini eggs, put your feet up and enjoy these gifts from the Netflix God's:

1. The Crown

Despite having reigned over Great Britain for 65 years, the details of the Queen's personal life are a mystery. Dogs with Instagram accounts provide more insight into their lives than the Royal Family - well, except for Prince Harry! So, you cannot help but be totally absorbed by the intimate view that The Crown provides. Lavish costumes, intricate sets and explosive storylines - that are based mostly on true events - will have you so captivated that your finger will permanently sit upon the 'Repeat' button. God Save The Crown!

What's the damage?
Season One includes 10 episodes which are one hour long. So, by my calculations, you can easily do it in one day! Season Two is scheduled for November 2017. Warning: side effects may include a sudden desire to speak the Queens English whilst wearing a headscarf and a string of pearls.

2. 13th

Documentaries are such an undervalued commodity. It is all very well sitting comfortably to watch the latest blockbuster, but they cannot educate and inform you the way in which a documentary does and in these turbulent times, it is knowledge that can empower us. Read the paper, read reputable news sources and WATCH DOCUMENTARIES, such as 13th. Never have I been so uncomfortable whilst watching something - unless you count the health and safety DVD's that you are forced to watch at work which teach you how to correctly lift a cardboard box. The documentary focuses on the criminalization of African American's and how the various Presidents of the United States have contributed to the (false) generalization that all people of color are criminals. Scholars, activists and politicians analyse the history of a culture that sees people of color as permanently guilty in comparison to white men and women. It is thought-provoking, emotional and downright inspiring...oh, and it is nominated for an Oscar.

What's the damage?
This must-see piece only requires 1 hour and 40 minutes of your time, however it will feel as though you're watching it for decades as you take a trip back through history that pre-dates you and even your parents. Warning: side effects may include a feeling of contempt towards the American legal system, politicians and the police - just like normal then?!

3. Louis Theroux Collection

Whilst we are on the subject of documentaries that totally kick-ass, let me introduce Louis Theroux. You should already be familiar with the British filmmaker who has provided a series of enlightening and downright terrifying documentaries over the years. Netflix knows something good when they see it and snapped up all of Theroux's old episodes from the late 90's and early 00's. Each episode within the collection on Netflix opens your eyes to a different culture. For example, in one you meet the Westboro Baptist Church who protest at the funerals of dead soldiers whilst holding placards emblazoned with "Thank God for dead soldiers" and in another rather explicit episode you are welcomed into the home of a legal brothel in Nevada. There is never a dull moment and above all they will make you feel incredibly normal the more and more you watch.

Whats the damage?
There are 21 episodes in the collection which focus on an array of subjects such as people with dementia, children with mental disorders, religious extremists, porn stars, jails and plastic surgery. Each episode is approximately one hour long. Warning: side effects may include a fear to ever leave the safety of your home again.

4. Dexter

Its an oldie, but a goodie, honestly. Even if you have not watched an episode, you have probably heard somebody talk about Dexter - or, maybe they were just talking about Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter, either way they are both pretty great. Once you start watching it, you will NOT be able to stop. Dexter Anonymous classes should be set up around the world to provide those who watch it with somewhere to discuss the glorious carnage that they see on their screens. It ain't pretty - Dexter is a ~good~ serial killer who ironically works for the police forensics team as a blood spatter analyst - but, it will certainly leave you desperate for more - you sicko!

What's the damage?
A Netflix series is for life, not just for Netflix and chill - something you should remember with Dexter. The series consists of 8 seasons, with each season being 12 episodes that are one hour long. It is worth evey minute though, all 5,76o of them. Warning: side effects may include bizarre sympathy for a serial killer and may make you regret picking on the nerdy kid back at school.

5. Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy feature, end of story, case dismissed. Seriously though, this wild joy ride around Birmingham, England in the early 1900's will have you planning blue prints for a time machine so that you can go back and join in the fun. There is action, a strong storyline and adventure - and Tom Hardy - what more could you want?

What's the damage?
There are currently two seasons on Netflix, each season made up of 6 episodes that are one hour long. Season 3 has already shown on British TV and will be coming to Netflix soon. Season 4 is due to begin filming in March 2017 for release in autumn 2017. Warning: side effects may include a partial Birmingham accent and desire to turn violent. Oh, and heart palpitations when Cillian Murphy hits the screen - which is basically non-stop. 

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