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15 Things You Will Only Know If You Were Blogging Before It Was Popular

If you were on the blogging scene back in 2010, then it is likely that you have a lot of nostalgia for the old times. Let's take a trip down memory lane and recall the world of blogging when blogging wasn't really a 'thing'...
1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir was LIFE
Every beauty guru was liberally spritzing the stuff left right and centre. But, if we are going to be true to ourselves, we never really knew what it did. 
2. Muji Storage is the ONLY storage
No 'Makeup Collection' video was complete without the clear acrylic Muji drawers. If you wanted to take it to the next level then you invested in the Ikea Alex drawers.
3. The hype for the Naked palette was WILD
They were all exactly the same, and we all knew it. However, that didn't stop the blogging world going into meltdown every time a new Naked palette was released. If you couldn't afford to go Naked, then the Sleek palette's were your bank balances new best friend.
4.  Eyeko was in EVERY blog's sidebar
Remember Eyeko, that kitsch brand that you never actually bought anything from BUT you were an 'Ambassador' for? The beauty brand would allow you to have a code which you could pop in your sidebar in order to give your followers 10% off their order and DAMN were sidebars saturated with the Eyeko gadgets at the time.
5. Rafflecopter Giveaways were where the party was at
For every blogging milestone that you reached, it was customary to host a giveaway. Fair's fair, right? The gifts varied from blogger to blogger (those who threw a MAC lipstick into the mix were serious GOALS), however one thing always stayed the same: Robocopter forms. You could enter 10 times if you liked, all you needed to do was like that blogger's Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, comment, share, sell your soul. 
6. Collection 2000 concealer on EVERYTHING
This is one thing that may have stayed consistent over the years. Collection 2000 concealer became gold dust when Zoella began to feature it in every video and blog post (back in the days when she was more blogging than vlogging). It was a cult product and EVERYBODY had it and reviewed it (which was totally unnecessary). 
7. Sigma makeup brushes were serious goals
Long before the Real Techniques brushes hit the shelves, the blogging world revolved solely around Sigma makeup brushes. Were you ever really a blogger if you didn't have one Sigma makeup brush? (I did! I did!). But, the ultimate Sigma honour was being a Sigma Brush Affiliate (a title you earned if you had 100 followers - those were the days!). As an affiliate, you received a free F80 Kabuki brush and got to have a swanky widget to put in your sidebar. Winning.
8. Cath Kidston bed sheets were flat lay goals 
White marble? White floorboards? Fancy tiles? Give it a break. Life was so much simpler when EVERY blogger used their Cath Kidston (or Cath Kidston imitation) bed sheets as their photograph backdrops. The busier arrangement the better, our 2010 selfs would scoff at what has become of flat lays today!
9. Comments were legit a thing
It might be hard to believe, but people did actually used to comment on blog posts. Back in the pre-historic blogging days, it was considered nothing short of a crime against blogging if your post hadn't garnered at least 30 comments. In today's time, you'll be lucky to even scramble together 3. 
10.  A trip down memory lane, do you remember these?
Blogging trends come and go, but can you even recall the days when the biggest cult products were: Beauty oils, Illimasqua Cream Blush, the Topshop makeup range, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel, Vivo Baked Blushers, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, Sleek Contour kit, Models Own nail polishes, Barry M lip paints. Some have stood the test of time and remain cult favourites today, others have perished into the depths of the blogging world.
11. Jemma Kidd Makeup was a firm favourite 
What ever happened to Jemma Kidd makeup? Vivianna Does Makeup used to be a one-woman sales machine for the brand and through her recommendation everybody wanted to sign up to the Jemma Kidd makeup masterclasses. So, what went wrong? Well, the company went into administration in 2012, after racking up £2 million in debt. Another one bites the dust!
12. Forget Dyptique candles, it was ALL about Neom 
Before Dyptique candles started to crop up in the background of Instagram snaps and YouTubers videos, it was all about Neom candles. The huge candles were a serious hot commodity (quite literally) in the blogging community and everybody was putting them on their Christmas lists.
13. The Glossybox Race was the only sport we cared about
Every month, the big name bloggers were prioritized by Glossybox before all the rest of us. Those who were signed up to the beauty subscription box would wait eagerly to get a first glimpse of what was inside the box. It was a race to see which leading blogger would post their review/sneak peek first. Those who weren't signed up simply wanted to know what goodies were on offer before they made the cheeky one-off purchase.
14. Your blog was a secret
Back in 2010, blogging was a foreign term. Announcing to your teenage friends and parents that you were a blogger was nothing short of social suicide. So, instead you kept it a secret and flinched every time you heard someone talking about Zoella, FleurDeForce or Pixiwoo's in public. 
15. You did at least one interview and thought you were BALLIN'
Back in the day, the blogging community was strong and everybody wanted to share the love, which meant that if you had over 100 followers you were likely approached by a smaller blogger to do an interview. I did one and I felt like a movie star, no shame. These days, it is actually just movie stars that get interviewed.

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