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Travel Edit: Brick Lane, Shoreditch


Shoreditch is synonymous with creativity and, as a direct result, 'hipsters' flock here en masse to soak up the artistic atmosphere. The area has undergone severe gentrification, making it a popular destination for tourists and millennial's, who both want a piece of the urban scene.

 If you were to Google, Things to do in Shoreditch, you will undoubtedly receive responses recommending you view the sprawling street art, immerse yourself within the vintage markets and eat as much street food as you can before feeling physically ill. All of which are things that you can do in one street alone, and here I introduce Brick Lane.

Vintage Shopping
Brick Lane is a haven for vintage. The street is peppered with established vintage stores, offering a variety of random garments along with boutique pieces. There is also an incredible underground vintage market (open Thursday to Sunday) which is the prime location to find a Levi denim jacket, vintage fur and quirky one-off items.
Favourites: Absolute Vintage, Rokit Vintage, Hunky Dory Vintage & Underground Vintage Market

Street Art
If you are walking down Brick Lane, and witness somebody defacing the walls, do not be alarmed as it is relatively encouraged. Most walls in the Shoreditch area are a blank canvas for street artists to play with. The result? Some truly magnificent pieces. Take a walk around and immerse yourself within the chaos.
Why not book a street art tour around Shoreditch? Find out more

Street Performers
Brick Lane is blessed with many talented street performers, predominantly on a Sunday when the crowds flock in for the market. Here you will find acts such as beat-boxers, jazz artists, boy bands and tribute acts. Have snapchat at the ready!

Book Shops
If you are quite the book worm, then this is certainly a place for you to explore. Brick Lane is home to several independent book shops, selling titles that you wouldn't necessarily find in W H Smith's or Waterstones!

Indian Cuisine 
It is not secret that Brick Lane is home to some of the best curry in London. The streets are heavily saturated with curry houses, all with similar menu options. So, be sneaky and barter with the touts on the street trying to get you into their restaurant!

 The Best Bagel's In The City
I am yet to try these legendary bagel's myself. However, there is no denying that they must be insanely good, for every Sunday people queue down the street to get their hands on a much-coveted bake.

Cocktails are BIG business, so it is inevitable that wherever you go in the City you will find a bar supplying mouth-watering concoctions. But, in Brick Lane specifically, you will find the more quirky types, such as Casa Blue which supplies a free glass of popcorn with every drink.

Sunday Market
The Sunday market is incredibly popular, with people arriving in droves to experience the vast quantity of food on offer. The best time to explore is before 12pm, meaning that you can really immerse yourself within each stall and not be swept away in the crowds. The stalls consist of anything from jewellery, edible delights, books, hand crafted goods, lotions and potions and beverages. You won't want to miss it!

Boxpark, Shoreditch
Once you are exhausted of Brick Lane, it is a short walk to Shoreditch High Street Station (approximatley 2 minutes, if that) and on your way there  you will stumble upon the incredibly popular Boxpark, which is home to many incredible brands and food establishments. Oh, and freakshakes!

...And The Rest
This area of the city is one steeped in places to explore, so ensure that you do it justice on your visit! Oh, don't forget the incredible chocolate shop Dark Sugars and the shop that only sells bow ties!


  1. I really need to get myself to Brick Lane! Thanks for this.

  2. I wish I read this before I went!!! :)


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