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The Casual Vacancy - J.K Rowling

The Casual Vacancy - J.K Rowling

As a hardcore Harry Potter fan, I was eager to read any words compiled by J. K Rowling. I didn't care for the plot, I didn't care for the the quality, I was just desperate to indulge myself with her influence. Therefore, when The Casual Vacancy was released, I headed (along with millions of others) straight for the local book store to purchase a copy. 

I began to read eagerly that evening, and was instantly disappointed. There was no fantasy land, there were no characters with an abnormal abilities. Instead, it focused on local life in a small village not dissimilar to the one I reside in. I instantly felt cheated. This I suspect is the predominant reason as to why J. K would go on to write under the name of Robert Galbraith, to entitle her to a level of acclaim that she would never achieve post Potter.  I put The Casual Vacancy to one side after a rather ungallant attempt to immerse myself within the novel.

Fast forward to now, four years later, where I can proudly say that I completed the book within two weeks. Something was different this time (other than the obvious fact that I have matured and am no longer a 17-year-old with little regard for anything other than Harry Potter). To begin, this book is a difficult read, I found I had to force myself to read it on occasions hoping that I would break through into the masterpiece of Rowling's work. Sure enough, I did. I hit the element of it that left me excited, questioning and dumbfounded. An array of emotions ensued. Being a girl from a small village where local issues are incredibly topical and highly regarded, it struck a familiarity within me as I felt a resounding understanding to a majority of the characters. 

The book is truly beautiful, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and kicked myself for not pursuing the pages when I first bought the novel. Its a rollercoaster of emotions, and one that will make you see your own local village in a new light.

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  1. I haven't read the book but I watched the TV series that BBC adapted last year. I was hooked on the series, such a tragic ending. I've been meaning to pick up the book to read for a while now!
    Amelia | ameliamaryx


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