Saturday, 17 September 2016

Alcohol Adventures

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Just a silly poem written whilst in the depths of a hangover, where I desperately needed something to take my mind off the ever present risk of throwing up. Charming. Now, the less charming poem:

It all seemed such a brilliant idea at the time
chasing gin and tonic down with wine
a young adventurer drinking tequila
relying on mindless thrills to free her

The evening commences
as you part with your senses
Clumsily, a glass is raised
strangers drunkenly praised
Those are the best shoes Ive ever seen! I am going for a dance, are you keen?
hands pushed to the ceiling
head dizzy, numb to any feeling
a drink spilt presents sudden guilt
but you meet an old acquaintance
and then loose all patience
in the queue at the bar
how much have I drank so far?

I count on my fingers
but I am seeing double
how is it that I always have this trouble?
You would think I have learned by now
as previous exploits linger
regretfully in my mind
and with a furrowed brow
I attempt to find
a night that is undefined

But it is all good fun, booze
of course, its a game you are always bound to loose
learning the hard way
such is your utter dismay
the morning after the night before
when you wake, cold on the bathroom floor

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