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5 Series You Need To Watch On Netflix

Netflix is undeniably a huge modern day essential, with the majority of the population possessing a subscription. Its a social normality to have a Netflix binge, and the popular phrase 'Netflix & Chill' has been coined. I, myself, am guilty of numerous binge sessions, and thus I present to you a list compiled of series you need to dedicate some time days  to. 

Orange Is The New Black 
No doubt, you are bored of the churned out, tired reality shows that all seem to feature Simon Cowell on mainstream television (you know, television that you pay a license for to be subjected to utter garbage for the most part?). This is where a Netflix original series, like OITNB can revitalise your view on the production industry. It explores relevant topics in a subtle manner, allowing you to come away educated and quizzical about pressing issues, such as #BlackLivesMatter and white privilege. You may only be watching for light hearted entertainment, but you will be surprised by the way in which it grasps your attention (not only the lesbian scenes, which I advise, are quite uncensored - not for the faint hearted or prudish). 
 OITNB is currently up to season 4, which is where it is at its best. The series matures into something quite heartrending and personal.

Stranger Things
The most hyped show of recent months title is awarded to Stranger Things (well, unless you consider the return of The Great British Bake Off).  I couldn't resist the temptation to jump on the bandwagon as my twitter timeline erupted with people gripped by the storyline. It took me two evenings to complete (#NoShame) and I was utterly compelled by every moment. It is bizarre, to the extent where I truly believe that it would almost benefit from you watching it intoxicated. The storyline is intriguing but, in all honesty, does not make a great deal of sense. Season 2, will hopefully offer the answers to my (and many others) array of questions. Regardless, it is a great series which will completely bemuse and confuse you and you will irrevocably fall in love with the children who star in the lead roles. (If you haven't seen them dance at the opening of the Emmy's, then you really must).

Its an oldie, but a goodie. So good, that I binge watched it for practically three months, which is predominantly because its a bloody good show and also partly due to the fact that I had a confused love for Dexter Morgan. There are a LOT of episodes, so this is only for the committed, as once you commence it will be difficult to stop. It is assumed that you know the premise of Dexter, however, if not: It explores the life of a serial killer, but a killer who will only target those who 'deserve' to die and pose a threat to society. It is all very ironic, really. A killer who kills killers to rid society of evil. But, the twist is that you will really like Dexter Morgan, and his vulnerability and it is him that carries the whole show (obviously, its named Dexter, after all).

Suitably one of the best dramas. It may make you question your own intelligence, but will quickly make you feel comfortable with being separate from any part of the corporate law industry. It will enlighten you into the way in which those high fliers function, and make you realise that maybe they are entitled to those large bonuses they receive. The storyline is realistic to a degree, and it reels you in, making you feel as though you're a member of the firm at your seat in the board room.

Peaky Blinders
Utter chaos, in every way. Compelling to watch, Peaky Blinders will captivate your imagination for a world not so far from our own. Set in Birmingham in the early 1900's, it gives you a taste of the gangster life which is often glamourised by Hollywood films in a raw and gripping manner. Side effects may include, you inadvertently falling in love with Tommy Shelby and adopting a brummy accent. There aren't too many episodes, and they feature Tom Hardy, so its a no-brainer, really. 

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