Thursday, 7 July 2016

Travel Edit: Bangkok

Being a farmers daughter, born and raised in the English countryside, the prospect of a trip to Bangkok daunted me. The term "small town girl" doesn't truly represent me as I have travelled and escaped the Local Bubble at home before, however the idea of Bangkok made me feel extremely naive to the world. 
Nonetheless, the epitome of travelling is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things (oh, and finding yourself? Yah?). Upon arrival I was completely absorbed by the city and all its chaos and would say, without doubt,  that it was my favourite stop on my South East Asia travels.

What to do in Bangkok
Accommodation in Bangkok

If you are travelling to Bangkok and have any questions then tweet me (@wildthingsgrowhere) and I would be happy to help!


  1. Wow! I wondered why you hadn't blogged for a while and you have a damn good excuse! Your trip sounds amazing! Thanks for telling us about all the great places you went to and for all the fantastic tips! I can't even imagine a museum like the medical one you went to, it sounds fascinating yet scary! The cooking class sounds wonderful, I hope you can keep making some of the yummy dishes at home. It really does sound like you had a wonderful trip with all the markets and wonderful experiences! XxxX

    1. Ha, yes! I have been slightly busy to say the least. Thank you for such a lovely comment and so heartwarming to know you realised my absence. I also hope that I manage to keep putting my cooking skills to good use!


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