Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dear Daddy

A biological connection is evident from our duplicated reflection, 
A relationship adjudicated by your simple defection.
Illogical is it for me to assume, that my existence is to consume,
For who am I to you?

A forgotten appointment, to which you offer nonchalant disappointment,
Me, Bitterly persistent for you to seem less distant,
You, Consistent in disregard for your daughter with her head under water,
The heavy tide, that crests at my side, and collapses in my mind.

You are the obscenities that pass between my putrid lips, 
Holistic in your approach, naive to what you could achieve,
Ballistic in my reproach, I fail to believe you could do anything but deceive,
I set my sails to glide, as the relentless waves subside.

You do not comprehend the way in which you offend, 
My complicated heart which has valiantly fought your lack of thought.
Depart from my sanity, I battle constantly for affection, protection, 
to heal my weeping wounds of rejection.

I thought you would care, but its a tragic affair,
And I declare, that the damage is done, beyond repair, I am numb,
To conclude, I have haplessly glued the pieces together,
in a barrier to exclude you forever.

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