Monday, 12 October 2015

Music for the Soul

If there is one thing that I passionately believe in, it is that music really does make the soul feel better.  I am not a self-possessed musician, I possess no musical abilities and am chronically tone deaf. However, when I am feeling low or high (not in that sense!), there is nothing better than music to enhance my mood. Its like reading a good book, or soaking in a bath and drowning in the bubbles...there is a real comfort that can be obtained from even the most senseless songs. 

I have become quite the connoisseur of musical edits recently. The influence of this in unclear to me, maybe just that I appreciate listening to my favourite mainstream songs in a different form, a more personal and hidden tune. There is a large variation in my current favourites, there is no rhyme nor rhythm (well, theoretically there is plenty of the aforementioned rhyme and rhythm!) but they really do settle my soul and as deep and scary as that sounds it is so more casual than that.

(..always save the best til last!)

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