Thursday, 23 July 2015

Back in Business

This, I guess, is the comeback. If I had a bigger budget, there would be a dramatic video to accompany this, with the soundtrack being Eminem's Without Me, GUESS WHOS BACK, back again. I picture it being as gripping as the latest Bond trailer, or like a Taylor Swifts video for Bad Blood. However, due to lack of said budget, I shall have to disappoint, which isn't really the ideal start, but bear with me.
Good question, one I struggle to answer sometimes. My name is Olivia. I am twenty-years-old.. I am ginger, which is actually, dare I say it, cool nowadays (no need to pretend to be 'strawberry blonde' anymore). Working girl, nine til five and all that, meaning that I am basically a qualified grown-up and now firmly in adulthood, and there doesn't seem to be an escape (trust me, I've looked).

I blame the poor English weather for forcing me to spend a rainy day in 2009 getting deeper and deeper into the internet and there stumbling across the world of blogging, along with other things, which I would rather forget about. Feeling the need to have my own personal space to write, I created this blog and began to post mundane daily updates (which I have removed from the internet out of pure embarrassment). I was then hugely influenced by the beauty blogging community and aged sixteen started to develop my interests and document them here. Then in December 2013, I had a blogging break-up. Its not you, its me. Can we just be friends? You're too demanding! I think in all honesty, I needed to grow up. I was eighteen and had other interests, and I doubt I need to explain what those interests were.

In a daydream world, hence the blog name. A world where ice cream sundaes have no calories. Where Topshop always has a sale on. Where my hair doesn't go frizzy when damp. Where real caterpillars taste as good as M&S Colin the Caterpillar's. The list is endless. 

Constantly. I am always writing lists, short stories, dodgy poetry and essays. Usually in the form of texts to my friends. 'So, last Saturday, I was on the dance floor in Smack and...'

How is possibly the most important element. How will I now use this blog? I am obviously a different version of myself, and quite different to my 2013 self. So, I expect that this will have a large effect on my content. How long will my blogging career last this time? Ideally, for the foreseeable future as staying in to write blog posts keeps me out of mischief.

I hope that you can stay with me on the second attempt at my blogging journey. Wild Things Grow Here will be a different area now that I have grown as a person and become a more elegant, mature and sophisticated young lady.

...or, maybe not so much. Above photos are courtesy of alcoholic beverages, which I do not think is big and clever, although, maybe I did at the time.


  1. Welcome back :) I've just got back together with my blog too ;) xx

  2. Definitely still with you :) Welcome back :)


With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy? - Oscar Wilde




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