Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spot Prone/Oily Skin Essentials

Veteran followers of this blog will be aware of my battle in regards to my skin. I have, for many years now, 'struggled' with spot breakouts and oily skin and over these years I have tried and tested many, many products. A majority have been to no avail, leaving my skin irritated and angry, however I have discovered a few gems and I thought it only fair to share my secrets!

St Ives Apricot Scrub (Dry/Sensitive Skin)
A facial scrub that is packed with tiny little beads of natural exfoliants, that are gently abrasive on your skin. A pea-sized amount is all you need as the scrub is crammed with exfoliating particles. I have never used a facial scrub before that leaves my skin so squeaky clean afterwards, and I can always see a difference in the natural radiance of my usually dull and oily skin after use. I always buy the 'Dry/Sensitive Skin' version, as I dont want it to strip too much oil out of my face, as I dont wish for my skin to then overcompensate. 

Soap & Glory Hocus Focus 
Hocus Focus is an 'instant visual flaw-softening lotion', which highlights and gives radiance to the skin. I generally tend to apply it to the tops of my cheekbones and down my nose for a glowing, highlighted look. It has an almost iridescent quality which makes its glow look natural and fresh, whilst also allowing it to counterbalance any dark areas and almost subtly conceal them. I have incredibly oily skin and usually stay well away from highlighters, believing them to make my face look more shiny. However the qualities of hocus focus, not only give you a natural glow but also hides blemishes and flaws.

Lush 'Cupcake' Fresh Face Mask
Cupcake is specifically made for problematic skin, which was my original motive for buying it. It claims to sooth troublesome skin and remove dirt and grime that lead to spots and blackheads. I use this mask around once weekly or fortnightly (careful not to overdo it on the rich ingredients that may be a little too much for my sensitive skin) and I truly do see how my skin transforms and becomes slightly tighter and clean. Its quite thick and not the most pleasant smelling product out there, but in terms of results, it really is a winner.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Without doubt the best concelear I have ever tried (and I have tried Benefits Erase Paste), it is affordable and truly a miracle worker. Its fantastic on dark circles, and suits any skin type in that respect, and it is also a dream blemish concealer. It does exactly as it says, conceals and is long lasting, even on my oily skin. 

Soap & Glory Dr Spot
I have tried, what seems like a million spot treatments, that have all claimed to clear spots in 24hours, and I have always been disappointed. However I recently purchased Dr Spot, which is not a product I have heard of before and the rest is history. I can honestly say that I do see quite a dramatic difference over 24hrs, it doesnt completely remove blemishes but it reduces the redness and the angry appearance that spots can have. Its a gel like consistency and slightly stings when applied to any 'open' blemishes. It retails at £8, which is quite reasonable when you consider that most similar products are around the £10-£15 mark, so I am incredibly impressed by such a little tube!!

What are your skincare essentials?
Do you suffer with oily/spot prone skin too?


  1. Love the lush product!


  2. The St Ives facial scrub is amazing!
    One of my roommates gave me some last year and my skin was in such good condition after using it!
    Lush actually have a face mask for oily skin and spots it's called Cosmetic Warrior and it's amazing! I also love Lush's Dark Angels cleanser it's great for when your skin is really, really oily and your prone to breakouts!


  3. I have the same type of skin unfortunately! I haven't tried the Lush mask, but I definitely want to now :)xo


  4. I have been using the lush cupcake mask for a few weeks now and its actually brilliant at clearing my skin, will re purchase x

  5. really want to give the Lush face mask i try! Great post (:

    bohorush.blogspot.com xx

  6. I like the sound of dr spot :) x

  7. I don't have oily skin, I have dry/sensitive skin but I really like the st ives scrubs overall and the hocus focus lotion x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  8. Ah I feel your irritation! My skin is exactly the same, I have to be so careful about what products I put on my face, near enough everything breaks me out! I have problems with everything from foundations to moisturisers! Know that you're not alone haha!

    www.champagngetote.blogspot.co.uk X

  9. I love the green tea scrub from St Ives. I love how it clams down my redness while fighting my oily skin!

  10. I want to try st. Ives so bad! i heard amazing thing!

  11. Great post, I need the St Ives Scrub and the Lush Cupcake Face Mask is amazing! Fancy following each other?! Let me know!:)x



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  15. Your blog is sooo adorable and you're super pretty, I'm now following you :)


  16. I do suffer from oily/spot prone skin and I have to say that Cupcake works amazingly well on my skin. Try Lush's rose water as well!


  17. great post, I love all those products too, especially the St. Ives and Lush!



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