Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dupes: Real Techniques Make-up Brushes

Brushes, £2.99 each (from eBay)

I am undoubtedly a HUGE fan of the Real Techniques brushes, owning virtually the whole collection. They're great quality and even though they are slightly pricey, they're worth the splurge. The blogging hype surrounding the Real Techniques brushes is like no other, it seems every single blogger owns at least one brush, and every Youtube guru uses them more than their MAC professional brushes. So, you can imagine how intrigued I was by a cheaper alternative that arose on eBay the online marketplace. 

In appearance they're almost identical copies. You can even buy the brushes in a pink metal colour like the genuine brushes, rather than the blue that I opted for (simply to save myself from confusion). I bought the 1050, a neat little contour brush and the 1049 a slightly angled blending brush. For £2.99 each (and 99p post and packaging, making these babies a total of £3.98) you cant really go wrong, and so I took the gamble. The 1050 brush (on the right hand side in the pictures), is incredible and I am truly amazed by the quality of it. I use it to contour and its the ideal shape to highlight my non-existent cheekbones. It picks up the product smoothly, and therefore doesn't lead you to use more product than you actually need.

The 1049 brush (on the left hand side of the pictures) isn't as great. I already have a very similar brush from Sigma, and in comparison the quality is quite weak. The bristles are a bit too soft and the product tends to get lost in the brush. On saying that for £3.99 it is a bargain and does the job, but I would say that for more quality its advisable spending a few more pennies on a genuine Real Techniques brush.

You can buy a 5-set brush kit here for £12.99

What do you think? Will you be investing in these?
Or, do you swear by the Real Techniques brushes?


  1. Wow, these really do look very similar to the real technique ones~ I love the contour brush from RT but i really dont want to spend the cash to invest in another one~ This post is so helpful and i am glad i know about it now so i can order a few to use with different products.

    Great post, thanks for sharing <3

    * YingCbeauty *

  2. wow! I love Real Techniques too and I don't think I have ever used any brushes as good as my RT ones but these dupes look and sound great! Thank you so much for sharing these, I am definitely going to have to get some now! xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  3. No way so cheap! Thanks, will be checking these out!



  4. thanks for sharing these look interesting !!



  5. Such cheap alternatives! As much as I love Real Technique brushes, these look like a good idea if you don't want to splurge so much. Thanks! :)

  6. Ive heard really great things about these, if i didnt already have the RT ones id definitely opt for these x

  7. They look really similar - great review. Id heard about them but havent seen anyone else review them. I think I will buy a few of these and see how I get on.
    I have a few Real Technique brushes & I really want their Dual Fibre ones.

  8. Wow, these look brilliant! Will definitely be purchasing a set of these since I've been to poor to buy any RT ones!

    Emilie x


  9. Thanks for this post, I recently posted about my real techniques 'stippling brush' saying how I want to get the whole collection because of how much I love it. I agree they can be pricey to get altogether, so I may opt to get one of these instead. Thank you again! xoxo


  10. I would normally say get the cheaper ones but after getting a full set of RT i cant imagine using anything else

    Carrieanne x


  11. I bought a set of MAC make up brushes on eBay the other day, some are really good and a couple are a bit naff, but like you said it's a gamble you take!
    The contour brush looks great.

  12. The cheapest RT brush you can get ladies!!!! I got my Real Techniques brush sets from iHerb.com and used a discount code! You can use my discount code JGS688 (no expiration!) and get $10 off your entire purchase! They do ship worldwide for only $4 =)

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