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Dressing Table/Vanity Table Decor

(Image Credit: We Heart It)
I am sure that I am not the only one who doesn't wish for a beautifully organised space that solely holds all of my makeup. I have been recently sucked into the world of Tumblr and am constantly seeing home decor inspiration pictures, it does indeed seem that I am not alone in my wish for a neat and tidy, yet pretty and girly space. I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite home decor inspiration pictures, to maybe help you if you're planning a summer re-vamp!

Acrylic organisers
Clear plastic trays have been popular on many blogs and Youtube beauty accounts for organisation and to help ease of use. After all, you can easily see through the clear plastic, meaning that if you have a large makeup stash, you can quickly find what you were looking for. Also, there is something crisp and fresh looking about the clear plastic pots! You can buy a range of different plastic storage containers from muji, (link here) and they're surprisingly cheap and affordable! They're a dream for an incredibly organised person as you can split different brands, and types of makeup into each section, again making everything very easy to find!
There is something about bloggers and their candles, for some reason, every dressing table (vanity tables to you Americans!) has to have a candle perching on top. I have had a candle on top of my dressing table for over a year now, and I am still yet to light it. I think that they can look pretty and just add something, plus a candle with a delicious fragrance always brightens areas! Obviously if you want to go all out and blogger style, there are a vast array of candles at diptyque, however if you're on a budget and think £50 is a lot for a candle (that will be everyone!), then you can always buy from your local supermarket!
Fairy Lights
No matter whether you're ten or twenty-years-old, fairy lights will always be magical and pretty. They can instantly add character and brighten up certain areas. I love turning on my fairy lights as they just feel cosy and magical. If you don't have a great amount of light in your room then fairy lights are ideal as they can instantly, with the flick of a switch, add light! Although I wouldnt reccomend solely using the lights given out from fairylights when applying your makeup! Its always best to use natural light where possible!

Flowers (fake or real)
Flowers to me always brighten little corners and bring an instant feel of spring and summer. On my dressing table I have a fake rose flower, which subtly adds an incredible amount of colour and general...er, happiness, to my dressing table. Real flowers obviously have so much more character with fragrance and the fact that over time their colour will change. However, if like me you're no good with keeping plants alive or don't want to constantly be buying flowers, then you may just have to fake it! There is no shame in a fake flower, although the real ones are so much more satisfying and unique!

Vintage pots & jars
Pots and jars are incredibly handy, not just in the kitchen, but on your dressing table too. You can store many items in them from makeup brushes, to hair brushes, to lip balms, to lipsticks, the list goes on. Vintage jars have a unique feeling to them, in the fact that they look worn and used and also are probably quite one of a kind. Glass jars can look clear, crisp and almost quite modern and again, its easy to see what the contents of a see-through glass jar are. A mis-match of jars of all different shapes and sizes can really add an eye-catching point to a dressing table, especially when filled with many lovely beauty bits and bobs! There are many quirky glass items that can be found here, here and here (or you could always look in the home departments of supermarkets for cheaper alternatives, failing that search your cupboards!)

Quite obviously you'd need a mirror on your dressing table, otherwise, its simply just a table. You can buy simple, cheap mirrors from practically every home department of every supermarket or from cheap furniture stores like Ikea. However, finding the ideal mirror can really change the whole dynamics of your dressing table. For example, the colour, as dark wood can make your table have an over-all, well, dark feel to it, whereas a light (say, white) coloured mirror can have the opposite effect. The decoration also changes aspects, with ornate mirrors being quite eye-catching and decorative and plain, simple mirrors only being there to serve its purpose as a mirror rather than a centre piece. Either way, its best to find your ideal mirror first and build your dressing table around it, as the mirror is after all the key piece to a dressing table!
Lighting (featuring VELUX blinds)
Its quite an obvious point that lighting is quite important in the grand scheme of dressing tables. After all, it is where you will be applying your makeup and nobody wants to go out with orange lines and over-blushed cheeks, now, do they? (Bridget Jones moments as I like to think of them!) I am fortunate enough to have the most enourmous window in my room, which means that I have a lot of natural lighting (which is very important), however natural lighting doesnt have to be totally dull and boring. For quite a while I have thought about adding blinds to my room, to try and control the amount of natural lighting I get. Its very easy to swipe my curtains closed, but I cant close them halfway down...as that is simply not how curtains work! So blinds have been an option now, and I recently fell in love with some very girly patterns! Who thought I would be blogging about blind patterns?! I was browsing through patterns at VELUX ®, who do everything from plain to girly florals! Everything in my room is quite pink and girly and also slightly 'shabby chic', and so I always thought blinds may take away some of that feeling and make it look very modern and, slightly clinical? However I am warming to the idea. You can browse through the different pretty blind patterns here at velux.co.uk, if you like me think that you need to bring your bedroom into the 21st century! VELUX do have quite the array of funky patterns and colours and do indeed show that blinds dont have to be boring!

You can see a previous blog post, here, on my very own dressing table!
Share links to your dressing tables, I do love some good inspiration pictures!


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  2. Lovely post! I really need some of those acrylic organisers, especially for my forever growing nail polish collection!

    Katie xx

  3. I've been wanting some acrylic organisers for a while, I love to see things all neat and tidy!


  4. when I saw these photos, my heart started to beat faster.. ;D

  5. I immediately cleaned my vanity right after I finished reading this post, lol now I want to get candles and flowers and organizers too :3 hihi


  6. Love this, all decoration is inspiring and we have the same tastes !


  7. These are all so lovely. Mine's doubles as a desk and is covered in work most of the time :( x

  8. Great post! I need to save up money to get myself a vanity table... I'm tired of standing in front of the bathroom mirror with terrible lighting :(

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  10. Love this! It looks so lovely~

  11. I love this post, I'm constantly looking at make-up storage ideas on tumblr! X

  12. Love this post, I'm constantly changing up things on my dressing table :)

  13. This is a super cute dressing table! x

  14. Cute dresser! I have the make-up holders they are so useful!

  15. The perfect blog post! I love this type of thing. the first pic is my fav, Thank you for posting.
    Love Steph xx


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  17. this is such a nice and clean space for getting ready every morning! i love how organised you are <3

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  21. wonderful dressing table decoration, really awesome, i am gonna to try like this my home thanks for sharing

  22. Beautiful elements, you really have a great taste for decoration!

  23. I think you just described me in this post! I have a vanity just like that, with fairy lights draped around my bed frame, candles, glass jars and flowers everywhere! I love having my little getaway! xx


  24. i love this post, it's beautiful! xx


  25. Your dressing table look beautiful, also love the fairy lights, so pretty!

    Rebecca Coco

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