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My Haircare Routine

(Products from L-R) Loreal Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Spray, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner, Vo5 Give Me Moisture Shampoo, Vo5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir, Loreal Elvive Extrodinary Oil, John Freida Full Repair Styling Spray*, Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, John Freida Full Repair Conditioner*, John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse*, Percy & Reed Totally Hydrating Mask

Since I have been posting my outfit of the day's recently, I have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of requests for me to do a post about my haircare routine. My hair is SUPER thick, as you can probably tell from previous photos, and naturally quite curly underneath but straight on top, so it does take some looking after, it looks a mess most of the time but you guys seem to like it, so here is what I do.

Shampoo & Conditioner
I tend to mix up my shampoo's and conditioner's on a regular basis, as its always good for your hair to have a change. I know what works on my hair, and I know what doesnt (I steer clear of Herbal Essence's, Elvive and Pantene). Currently I really like Vo5 shampoo's and conditioners, they really work well with my hair type. I am currently also using the John Freida Full Repair Conditioner, which I absolutely love. I wash my hair everyday, which means that I then follow through by blow-drying which damages my hair, so I love the idea that my hair is being protected a little more from my conditioner. Both the Vo5 Shampoo and John Freida Conditioner leave my hair feeling so soft and it looks healthy and glossy, both products work really well together to nourish, and repair my hair.

Oils & Deep Conditioners
Like I have said, I wash my hair on a daily basis, and that means that I then use heat on my hair daily. So, once or twice a week, I like to give my hair something back, whether that be with oils or deep conditioners. My favourite is the Loreal Elvive Extrodinary Oil, as you can use it on dry or wet hair. I also feel it make a huge differnece to the softness of my locks! I also really like the Vo5 Moisture Soak Elixir, which I tend to use mainly on the tips of my hair, rather than my roots. Both oils work really well and leave my hair feeling super soft. Occasionally I will use a deep conditioner, my favourite being the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, mainly because it smells delicious, but also because I know it works for me. Another I use is the Percy&Reed Totally Hydrating Mask, however, I only use this rarely as it is quite a faff (you have to leave it on shampoo'ed hair for 10 mins!). I cant say I notice a massive difference after using it,just a slight softness to my hair (nothing on the Aussie or oils!)

Styling Products
I dont like to add to many styling products to my hair, as I always think that the more I add the more lank and dull my hair will become. So, the ones that I do use have been carefully selected! The John Frieda Volume Thickening Mousse is one of the best mousse's I have used for a while. Really, my hair doesnt need much more volume, but because its so long, I feel it becomes flat on top, so I like to have a little boost! I pump some into my hands, rub them together, and then rub it into my roots (before blow-drying) and then I use a barrel brush on my roots when blow-drying to try and add a little more volume. I do notice a bit more presence with my hair after using it. but best of all, my hair feels super glossy at the roots when I use it! I also team it with the John Freida Full Repair Styling Spray in an attempt to get my fly-away hair in order! As I have said, my hair is curly underneath so I think a styling spray helps straighten the curls out in the drying process! Then I occasionally use the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray to add a little more texture to my hair, this is for when I actually want my hair to be curly and 'beachy'. Word of warning though, it does taste vile! No putting your hair in your mouth when you use the sea salt spray!

Heat Protectant & Dry Shampoo
As I use heat on my hair on such a regular basis, I find it quite important to have a heat protectant spray at hand, the current one is Loreal Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Spray, simply because it was on offer! I personally find that all heat protectants do the same job, and I buy which ever is the cheapest at the time! I apply it to my wet hair before blow-drying and it does work well, but no better than any other heat protectant sprays I have used before! Dry Shampoo is also chosen by what goes on offer, I very rarely use it as I do wash my hair everyday, but sometimes if I am having a lazy day I will spray some to my roots, I am currently using the Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, and it works well and has a MUCH nicer smell than Batiste!


  1. I would so love to have thick hair like you! My hair is so fine and so flat most of the time and i find it annoying to try and get volume into it. I also wash my hair on a daily basis eventhough i know that it's not meant to be very good for the hair itself but i find that hair oils and treatments helps. Alot of products you have featured here i have actually got~ although i am planning to get the L'oreal extraordinary oil :) Thanks for sharing xxx

    1. When I say that I was it everyday, that is probably an overstatement! I was it every weekday so its clean for school but at the weekend if I dont go anywhere I wont wash it, or in the school holidays I will leave it for 3 or so days! hahaha

  2. I have quite thick, wavy hair too, its a pain to maintain sometimes! I love the sound of some of the products you use so I will be adding them to my list soon! x

  3. I really want to try the vo5 hot oil elixir, even more now!:)xo

  4. I love your hair and I have similar hair to you and recently ive been trying to find a new hair routine so this has helped alot.
    However my hair falls out alot and so the doctor had advised me to not wash it everyday, does your hair fall out alot?


    1. Yes! It does, but it also used to fall out a lot before I started washing it everyday. I think its just our hair type! Also, I notice the more I tie it up, the more it falls out...I think its the strain on the hair? It pulls it from the follicles? haha, Im no expert, but there you go!

  5. That's a massive collection! I love the Aussi conditioner x
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  6. I love both of the Vo5 products, I'm using them both at the moment. I'd love to try some of the full repair range, too. xo

  7. Nice collection. I also use an oil by l'oréal. it's nice. and I am in your opinion. I am also afraid of adding too much products to the hair.

  8. Thank you ever so much for your comment, Olivia. You didn't bore me at all!
    I've noticed recently I've got some on my back which sucks but I think they're due to wearing winter clothes and my back never gets to breathe.
    I'm sorry nothing's worked for you, don't give up. I know how hard it can be not being able to go out without having to spend a good 10/15 minutes covering spots but go back to the doctors, there MUST be something. Watch that documentary, they talk about Roacutane which is a very extreme cure but there might be less harsh alternatives for you.
    I will look into that Lush product when I'm next near one (there's not one in my home town) but at the moment I'm just trying to stick to face wash, Zineryt and moisturiser.
    Thank you once again! xxxxxxxxx

  9. Wow, that is a long routine. Probably why you have such beautiful hair!
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  10. Great post! You have gorgeous hair.

    <3 Melissa

  11. Fab post - I am loving hair oils at the moment & the Vo5 Elixir is so good. I always have a tube in my shower.

  12. Wow great hair care product collection. I like this product so much. I suggest one more product for hair care are kanchiindianoil. indian herbs for hair growth

  13. Wow so many products! haha
    So what's the difference between Elvive shampoo/conditioner and the oil? Is it just the ingredients in the oil that make it ok for your hair?


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