Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mini Lush Haul (+ Reviews)


So, at the weekend I took a trip to Lush, I then bought a few bits and bobs and I am now going to show you! Enjoy!
Herbalism Solid Cleanser
I go through cleansers and exfoliators like there is no tomorrow, and I always like to try something new. So, when I read that Herbalism is made to help 'fight spots, grease and calm troubled skin' I bought it without much delay. As you may know, I have VERY oily skin that is prone to spot breakouts, so I am always looking for a product that will help me. I was intrigued by Herbalism, and decided to give it a whirl. I have used it a few times and it really does leave my skin feel luxuriously smooth. Its not anywhere near as harsh as an exfoliator and my skin really apprecaited its 'smoothness'. It smells really nice too, as do practically all Lush products! I tend to use this every other evening before I go to bed or occasionally in the morning, and I love it. Also you do get a lot of the product, which reflects the price!

Cupcake Fresh Facemask
I dont really  know what made me buy this, having never used a face-mask before. I personally believe(d) that with my skin type a facemask was really the last thing I needed. But after my trip to Lush I am beginning to think otherwise. Again the fact that it is aimed at 'oily and teenage skin' did encourage the purchase! It smells horrific, honestly, disgusting. But it has brilliant effects, which do make up for the awful smell. I applied a thin layer to my face after cleansing (with Herbalism!) and then left it for 10 minutes. I went to talk to my mum whilst wearing it and she kept taking steps back as the smell really is quite gross. Once I washed it off, it left my skin feeling A-MAZING. My skin felt like that of a newborn babies, (which is a miracle with all my spots!). So I would again, like Herbalism, recommend this to anyone, more for those with problem skin though, obviously!
PS. It said on the tub to 'resist tasting the chocolate', so naturally, I dipped my finger in and tasted it. It was gross. I had the taste of mud and grit in my mouth for hours. NOT ADVISABLE!

Bubblebeard Bubble Bar
Thinking about it, I dont really know why I got this. I dont actually have baths, I always tend to shower (so much quicker, less fuss, in-n-out job!). It was just that my lovely mother (hi mum!) offered and I couldnt resist the cute mustache! Plus, I really want a beard made from bubbles, ofcourse! However, today and the past few days I have been feeling ill and poorly, so tonight I am going to go and have a relaxing bath with my glittery bubble bar and create oneself a glittery beard made from bubbles! (I will most probably update this with a review at a later date, if you're interested!)


  1. Lovely review x
    I would possibly do the same thing of dipping my finger in an tasting the product even if it clearly told me not to do so.
    I would definitely purchase this product.


  2. I love the bubblebeard bubble bar, I keep seeing it everywhere & really want to try it! x

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  4. i have seen so many people talking about the bubblebeard bubble bar, it looks soo cool. there are so many things i want to try from the lush winter collection xxx

  5. is it weird I really like the smell of cupcake? haha maybe it's just me!
    I'd love to try herbalism!

  6. Haha, Cupcake does look rather tastey! Don't really want the flavour of mud and grit in my mouth though ;)


  7. such cute packaging


  8. aw cute bag *-* i want to have it :D
    i also have the cupcake mask and love it. this smell is so gorgeous<3

  9. I'd really love to try cupcake, I'm a big fan of the lush mask I've tried. The packaging is so cute, too! xo

  10. i want this so bad, its on my christmas present list xx


  11. love love love shopping at lush <3

  12. Oh, I love lush! I'm curious to the cupcake mask as you say it's really effective. I've grown curious to the smell as well, lol.
    x sparkling-sea.blogspot.com

  13. Great lush haul! I love the cupcake mask


  14. Woo, you got the Herbalism cleanser! What did I say;) It's amazing!
    I've had the cupcake face mask too, which is well, Lush! aha, and ive got the bubble beard bath bomb at the moment which smells gorgeous!
    I love your blog, especially because we both seem to have very oily skin!
    Lexxx xxx

  15. The Lush bag looks gorgeous - I will have to treat myself to some Lush products in their after christmas sale :)


  16. These products sound awesome except for the scent of the Cupcake mask haha! The solid cleanser looks like pistachio icecream or avocado! Definitely like the sound of the cleanser though, I haven't tried a solid one before. It's great to hear that the mask worked great on your skin too! I'll definitely have a look at Lush the next time I go there :)


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