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My Skincare Routine (Oily/Sensitive Skin)

I have mentioned many times on my blog that I have oily/sensitive skin which makes me prone to breakouts, and other skin issues. Therefore, I thought I would do a post on my skincare routine to help any readers out who're looking to try new products to help their problem skin. Although I would like to mention, everyone is different, and what works a treat for me may not be right for you at all, but by all means give them a whirl!

I do wear makeup on a daily basis, and even when I dont wear makeup I always tend to follow my routine rigidly, i've been doing it for so long now its more habit than anything else. I will start by removing all my eye makeup with the Simple Eye-Makeup Remover, I just use cotton buds and it removes everything. I will then use the Bioderma Milky Cleanser, which I will rub all over my face with a cotton pad again to remove facial makeup (you don't need to wash the Bioderma cleanser off, but I do by splashing my face with warm water). I will then follow this by exfoliating with the Botanic's Facial Scrub (Normal/Oily), which can be purchased at Boot's. I'm obsessed with the Botanic's range, as I think the products really work well for me, they have a whole range of different skincare bits and bobs, for all skin types, so there really is no excuse for you not to know about it! This exfoliator is specifically for the face, so its not too harsh (even so, it should be followed up with a moisturiser if used daily), I will then splash my face in a basin full of hot water. I then towel dry my face, and I always make sure that my towel's are washing on a regular basis, so that they're as clean as possible so I am not just transferring bacteria back to my face when I use them! I will follow this up with my Olay Refreshing Toner, as its important to balance the natural oil's and moisture back into the face, and I read somewhere that by toning you're also closing the pores, which remain open due to using hot water when cleansing..how true that is, I dont know! Then, I will use the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser, just to make sure that every last scrap of my makeup is removed and also to try and attack any remaining blackheads in the process. 

I will then moisturise as per usual with the Botanics Skin Calming Cream (Sensitive) which I will apply all down my neck too, and will follow this up by using Clinique Repairwear Eyecream to try and tackle my under-eye dark circles and wear and tear. Then, lastly, but by no means least! I will rub Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream onto any blemishes, scars, dark marks, lips.etc. To soothe and repair. Honestly, Eight Hour cream is the best, there is nothing quite like it, it works for all skin types. It can be a miracle worker on dry patches, as occasionally I will also get those around my chin and cheeks. 

The morning is much more simple, I will simply just use the Botanic's Facial Scrub (Normal/Oily)  and then wash my face with warm water and then I will tone, to supposedly close my pores again. I will then VERY lightly moisturise with the Botanic's Skin Calming Cream, just to prepare my skin and make it smooth and ready before I apply my makeup.

On a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis I will use Soap&Glory's The Fab Pore Facial Peel as a more extreme exfoliator. All I do is rub it into my face, and then leave it for 10-15minutes, and feel it tingle and slightly burn the skin, before I wash it away with warm water and feel my silky soft skin. Its a miracle worker and I really do feel the benefits, and I do follow it up with mosituriser to just give my skin back a little something! Oh, and I have forgotten to include it in the photograph, but I also make my own Nose Pore Strips,  using gelatine and milk, (something I got from Michelle Phan on Youtube!), and I tend to do one of those monthly, as I can't resist seeing the disgusting strip afterwards more than anything!

 Whats your skincare routine? Do you use any of the products that I do?


  1. Hello :)

    I really like this post! I have oily skin too and have been testing different products out recently but none have made my skin any better! But i'm definitely going to purchase some of the products that you have mentioned and see if it works for me :) xx


    1. I would really reccomend the Boot's Botanic's range! I had tried so many products that claimed to change everything, and they never did, but I have to say the Botanic's products have made a huge difference, for me anyway!

  2. The Soap and Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel sounds really good! Will have to have a look at that! x


  3. This has actually inspired me to never forget to do my nightime skin routine, i always forget, theres nothing worse! i havent tried the botanics range but definately will have a look next time i'm in boots! xo


    1. Oh my, I dont know how you can forget to do your skin routine! haha, well, i suppose mine is programmed in me! Yes, BOTANICS IS GREAT :D

  4. You have some great products in your routine :)

    Tanesha x

  5. your pictures do look fine :) No need for a SLR, i also couldn*t afford one, until i got it as a birthday present. ( I usually dont get presents that cost this much, but my dad missed my last 3 birthdays out :D)

    I also have the soap & glory Peeling and it really is fabulous :D
    I had the elizabeth arden Creme in my Douglas-Box, since i read your oppinion i can*t wait trying it :)))


    1. Oh no, thats not on! Atleast you got a beautiful camara out of it!
      Its so good, you wont be let down!

  6. I used to use the Clean&Clear blackhead cleanser and i found it to be too harsh on my skin haha, i thought it smelt very strongly aswell.
    Lovely blog by the way.

    1. It does smell pretty gross, it smells of harsh chemicals, but I dont find it too harsh on my skin, but I might after a while of using it!

  7. I love skin care posts. I don't use any of the products you've listed but I was thinking about going back to the clean & clear blackhead cleanser (I used that way back when I was in high school!). I think we are all horribly fascinated and satisfied with nose strips! So gross, but so worth it!

    Eilidh xo

    1. Nose pore strips are just weirdly interesting, no matter how squeimish someone is im sure they could look at all the gunk in their nose pore strip! hahah, so gross but so true!

  8. fine cosmetics!!


  9. I always find these kid of posts so interesting, it's always fun to know what products other people use :)

  10. Hello!
    I just found your blog!
    I love it!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
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  11. theres a nice selection of products their that benefit each other very nicely xx


  12. I LOVE skincare posts! My only question would be what's the point of using toner if you're going to go ahead and use another cleanser afterwards? Why not cleanse twice and then tone? Just a though! :)
    I have oily sensitive skin too. I highly recommend Burt's Bees facial scrub! x

    1. haha, whoops! I have put that the wrong way around! I normally use the cleanser before the toner, and sometimes I skip using the toner altogether!
      Oo, I never knew Burt's Bees even did facial scrubs! I thought it was just hand products and lip products! haha, thanks!

  13. I have the same skin type, the facial peel sounds awesome!

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

    1. urgh, having oily skin sucks! Although I have been told by many people that if you have oily skin when you're younger you will have less wrinkles when you are older, so thats always a positive! haha :)

  14. Skincare posts are amazing! I find them really intriguing. I haven't got a routine....yet!
    I'd love it if you checked out my blog popcornandpersephone.blogspot.com
    Thanks Ally xoxox

  15. What lovely skincare products. :D
    I love these posts <3

  16. I love your post and blog in general! I'm intrigued about the Botanics moisturizer that you've been using. I have sensitive skin and have been looking for something to replace my Olay moisturizer which I don't really care for! Thanks for your input on all things beauty! :D

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