Monday, 1 August 2011

Hello Petal

Alfie bunny rabbit bears many similarities to Peter Rabbit. Both are naughty and adventurous and both hold a little place dear in my heart.
Alfie frequently abandons his cage in an attempt to explore the big world outside. We allow him. He always comes back, content with his misendeavours.
Sometimes I wonder what he is doing out there. I like to plot elaborate stories in my mind as to what his adventures entail. 
Maybe he will tell me about them some day.


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. Alfie is so ridiculously cute!!!! x

  2. oh my goodness. alfie is adorable. so adorable. i want one.
    i have a pair of harry potter 3d glasses, but i still have not seen the film! i am waiting on my mother and sister and nephews to let me know when they are ready so we can see it together. can not wait any longer.

    the letter is adorable. i want one.
    thank you again for your such nice words. x

  3. awesome harry potter glasses, I'm a huge freak fan of the books/movies/j.k. rowling.. and second... lovely rabbit! I want one!
    thanks for your comments on my blog.. stay tuned for the giveaway..
    take care!

  4. your bunny is super cute!
    i want <3

  5. oh i love these photos!:) the flower shots are really beautiful!
    and the bunny is sooo cute, love it!

  6. The bunny is just so adorable (=

  7. Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog. I see Johnny Depp is on your list of likes. He is top of my list. You have good taste. What a lovely blog you have. I enjoyed reading your posts.
    We should follow each other then I can keep up with your posts.

  8. That is one of the cutest bunnies I have ever seen! Also I wish my friends had wanted to see HP in 3D, I desperately want those glasses.

    ugly plants

  9. Aw your bunny is so cute! And I knoww, i saw harry potter like three times in the theater!
    I followed your amazing blog! Check out mine & perhaps follow back?

  10. awww, your bunny is so incredibly cute! :):) x


  11. Alfie is sOOooo CUTE! <3
    anyway, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog is adorable, I'm following it now.

  12. LOVE your blog, i'm going to be your 100 follower yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Harry potter is immense, enough said! xox

  13. What a lovely blog you have! Your bunny is incredibly cute <3

  14. Sophie Louise-Well, Alfie certainly is very pleased to know that you find him cute. Hes blushing.

    The tea drinking english rose-You may most certainly have Alfie, he is nothing but trouble! Im suprised somebody can wait so long to see Harry Potter, and fantastic news that you have the special glasses! They make a difference, somehow! Oh, well I havent got around to finishing the first letter yet, im fairly poor in commitment!

    sara tee-Alfie would like to share his thanks with you, he did try his hardest to look his most sweetest in that picture. It took many attempts!

    little moon lover-This makes me so happy to know that Harry Potter super fans read my blog! And, well, Alfie tries his best!

    dancia hibdige-He is all yours as far as I am concerned, and I am sure you shall not find him so cute after one day of him chewing wires and clothes!

    Satita- Thankyou, that means a lot! Well, as far as the bunny goes, you shouldnt judge a book by its cover. He is nowhere near cute.

    Elina-Please dont let that photo control you into thinking hes adorable, as I shall say again and again, he is a terrible troublemaker. So much so, that he is uncannily like Peter Rabbit.

    Nick-Thats no problem! Well, you certainly do have good taste too! Thankyou, for such kind words.

    Anastasia-Im honestly sure you've seen cuter, he is just looking terribly innocent in that photo. Innocence is something he highly lacks.

    Emma Robertson-Why, thankyou. But as I have said to every comment so far (all of which, comment on how terribly cute Alfie is) all I can say is, he is not as sweet as he looks. He has been up to mischeif today, terrible, naughty bunny buisness.

    Gabrielle-Thanks. Harry Potter is so addictive, so much so that i should really be admitted to Hogwarts Rehab.

    Lucylu.-This is the last time I shall say this, he is not cute. But thankyou, for thinking so!

    tessa-Thankyou, maybe this isnt the last time I shall say this, Alfie bunny, is not cute. Please, please dont let him mislead you! :)

    Juls-Who dosent love HP?!

    Maria Alyssa-Thats perfectly ok, dont mention it! Oh, why, thankyou!!

    Confessions of a makeuplover-THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, you have no idea how happy I am thanks to this, my 100th follower. Oh, i may cry!

    Amy Louise-He may be fluffy and cuddly but, he is soo naughty. He makes Peter Rabbit look sweet! Thankyou, very much for your kind words!

    I should have written this post with a disclaimer, Alfie bunny is the naughtiest bunny the world will ever see, as I have said, Peter Rabbit looks adorable compared to him. Thankyou, for all your adorable, heart-touching words!

  15. What kind of rabbit is alfie?!

  16. Oh my gosh, your bunny is adorable! xx

  17. Ahww! your bunny is soo CUTE! I want one too..

    Loving your blog! I'm following..
    Hope you have time to visit my blog.




  18. Awwwwww I love so much Harry potter!!! I read it for the first time when I was spending a month in Ireland (beautiful country!).
    I'm from Spain and I've been reading you for a while. Love your blog!! :)

    Do you want to visit my blog and if you like it ...post a comment o maybe follow me?:)

    Thank u :)



  19. I know exactly what you mean about going to the hair dressers! I haven't been for so long and that's probably why! they never do what you ask for, haha. I love your belt btw, it's fantastic!

    p.s i agree completely there are definitely more than 50 moments in each film!



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