Wednesday, 6 July 2011

To die woud be an awfully big adventure..

My favourite story is that of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.
I read a lot of books and yet no other story captivates me in the same way.
The idea of being a child for life is appealing. 
I am sixteen and the big world is dawning. 
I am apprehensive about what it may bring when the sun rises on that day when I become an adult.
Knowing me, the sun will unlikely rise.
So, I wonder, where I can find my own Tinkerbell?

The image was taken when watching Peter Pan on one of the many times. Totally absorbed in the story I find the part in the image the most magical. Alfie bunny is also quite a magical bunny and I felt an image of him was fitting for such a post as I truly believe he will never grow up and I know he will always be free.


  1. nice Blog,
    oh I loove Rupert Grint ♥

  2. i like ur blog a lot!!!! omg! and yeah i hate working out too! so i do this japanese 5 min workout thats on youtube and it burns 50 cals :) so i do it twice a day or more if i have the energy :)

    ps. omg u made me fall in love with rupert grint!!! i didnt realize he was attractive at all!♥

  3. Leah-Thankyou, Rupert Grint is lush.

    Ceecee-Thankyou! Oh, you may have to share this link with me?! :) Ofcourse, Rupert Grints attractive! :) <3


  4. love peter pan! thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog :D

    You mean the formula for the letters?
    If yes, contact me via email.

  6. Peter Pan is one of the best stories/movies ever :)

  7. i love peter pan! tinkerbell was always my favorite! are you excited for the new hp movie?! i got my tickets today. don't want it to end!! cute blog!! xx

  8. Your bunny is so cute! :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. Heidi-Thats ok, who dosent love Peter Pan?!

    Julka-Thats my pleasure, your blog was lovely. Im not sure what i meant! I shall email you at some point!

    Mary Kate-That is too true, apart from Harry Potter, ofcourse!

    Life is happy most of the time-I used to love Tinkerbell when i was younger. My favourite charactor has to be the lost boy twins! "Tink did it.." :) I am totally exstatic for the new HP movie, naturally. I cannot wait. Sadly, most of my friends are away on the realease date. But, i shall see it as soon as possible! I know, growing up with Harry Potter has been lovely, except this ending!

    The Cat Hag-Oh, Alfie Bunny may look cute, alright. However, he is terribly cheeky!

    THANKYOU, soooo much for all your wonderful comments. I cant honestly, thank you all enough.

  10. lovely post.
    beautiful pictures. x


  11. i was in a peter pan play when i was very young:) i love peter pan

  12. Lucylu.- Thankyou, im so glad you liked them :)

    *little* bouquets-Aw, how wonderful, which part did you play? It must have been lovely!

  13. nice pics love the rabbit <3



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