Monday, 25 July 2011


Summer sun and food as I am in my element.
The only thing to further enhance my mood is the addition of a book.
Currently I am re-reading the Harry Potter series in the lead up to the final film. 
I am a Harry Potter fan of the highest order and am incredibly excited for the final film but also slightly sad that the journey is ending. Being born with Harry makes me feel affiliated to the magical world. 


  1. It wasnt sunny where I live yesterday!!! :( It seems it was everywhere else though!!!

    I still havent seen Harry Potter yet! It is killing me inside. I also feel sad that it is the end of an era. It was like my whole childhood. Lol!


  2. Thanks , Thanks (...) thy is also!
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  3. oh yum with the merengue!! (it is a merengue right?!)... and I have yet to see the HP film! need-to-find-time!

    PvdH -designer and illustrator


  4. Cutest bunny ever! And what a cake, wow!

  5. Oh my gosh that strawberry cake looks divine!! Great blog!! :)


  6. That cake looks amazing! :] We didn't see Harry Potter in 3D, but it sounds like it may have been worth it! :] Sounds like you had a great time.

  7. Aw cute bunny and super yummy cake.

    So jealous that you have already seen Harry Potter! I am seeing it tomorrow though, and I am so excited! The books are miles better than the films though - i agree, there is just so much more to them.



  8. Sophie Louise-What a shame that you missed out on the beautiful sunshine! I know what you mean, Harry Potter has been my childhood too, it was all created and the year I was born and then by the time i was old enough to read, they were the first books i would read. Also, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was the first movie i ever saw in the cinema!

    Pensando com a arte-I dont really believe in the whole 'follow me, and ill follow you' thing, sorry :)

    The PvDh Journal-Finding time is a pain! However, when you do see HP you will be very sad that its the end! Yes, that is meringue! My mummys favourite!

    Caroline Ergy Erg-He is rather adorable! Yes, mummy does make very, very big meringue cakes!

    Sherry-Thankyou, it tasted divine too!

    Ashley-mm, it was amazing! Well, my mother and sister were disappointed by the 3D, as there were not that many 3D moments. But I was just too pleased to see it, that i couldnt care less! I certainly did have a great time!

    Sarah-Well, he may look cute, but let me tell you he is such a naughty bunny rabbit! Oh, dont be jealous! You'll have tonnes of fun watching it tomorrow! Yes, the books are tonnes better, always have been and always will be. In all the films, they miss out parts in the books, which really should be there!

  9. oh that cake looks divine! yum!!

  10. oh, how i love this post. and the cake ;) and...the rupert grint photo on the side <3

  11. so tell me about that cake?

    it looks like such a nice, sunny day.

  12. Yummm that cake looks nice!

    Thats for visiting! I'm following, follow back?


  13. Kate-Oh, it most certainly was!

    Ellie-It sounds like you're just a loving person! Who cant love Rupert Grint, and cake?

    Becca-The cake, is simply a rather thick meringue base, topped with masses of whipped cream and tonnes of strawberries and Raspberries (Mother puts pieces of mint on for detail-suit yourself!)

    Laura-Thanks for following! :)

  14. omg thats the cutest thing ever
    such a cute baby bunny i love him


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