Monday, 4 July 2011


Prom is one of those occasions that is internationally recognised.
Its a right of passage. 
Welcome to the big world, lets push you into it with a party to give you a false sense of security in the belief that finishing school is the start of the best years of your life.
I sound cynical but I can guiltily admit that I enjoyed prom to a certain degree.
I wore high heels for the first time, and likely the last.
I danced with school friends, most of whom I will unlikely meet again. Unless in some awkward situation in a future career or just minding my own business. 
Or maybe I am wrong, maybe I will always stay connected to all these people.
I guess thats to be established in years to come.
For the mean time, I enjoyed prom & I am scared for passing this milestone. 
Adulthood, wait for me, I think I'm ready.

This image was taken by my sister before I left for prom. My hair intricately curled, and my grandfathers dog, Johnny, at my side. Johnny was not my date, although he would have made a handsome one.


  1. I didn't realise that Prom happens across the mighty pond! You look lovely in that blue dress! I also love Harry Potter & am still waiting for my acceptance letter (but I'm American, I'll never get one.) xx

  2. Well, i have to say that until several months ago, i didnt know Prom happened in England either! Why, thankyou, thats very nice :)
    I won't get my acceptance letter either, and even if i do, Ron's already left... :)


  3. I too, love Rupert Grint. My husband knows this, it's okay ;) I know it's off topic, but I'm excited for HP7 pt 2... very bittersweet! Looking forward to seeing Rupert dressed up for the premieres. xx

  4. Well thats good then! Its not off topic at all, there is always a time to talk Harry Potter! I cant wait im going to see it next week with my friends, when it comes out :)


  5. hello!! i like the photos of your prom. thanks for visiting my blog.
    i was in a bollywood film starring shahid kapoor. i never got to see the actual film as they refused to tell us its name (i think they were worried about us leaking it to the press at the time). ive searched in vain to find it so hopefully one day i will! come back soon :) xxxx

  6. aw... that makes me miss my prom last year :')

  7. Great pics!!! :)

    Love your hair :D it's beautiful!




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