Saturday, 11 June 2011


 There is such beauty in watching things grow.
Nature as it tentatively blooms. Animals as they begin to trust the world around them.
So, why does it feel so ugly to grow?
Not in the literal sense, as your body elongates and your balance is established.
But in the 'mental' form. 
You learn from your mistakes, absolutely, but you need to make these mistakes first and thats the ugly part.
Some you can laugh at. Most you spend the rest of your life trying to forget.
That time you said something without engaging your brain, to realise it was completely wrong.
That time you acted in a way you though appropriate for the occasion, to realise it was completely wrong.
That time your expectations were so high for something, to realise you were completely wrong & in reality you should lower them.
Its hard to adjust to the social normalities and the way in which you should behave.
Its hard to learn from your mistakes when you haven't even realised you've made an error.
Its time for me to begin to begin on my growing journey.

This photo is of a rose taken in the garden at home, I have watched the hedgerow bloom with them and grow with such beauty.

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